Sunday, June 30, 2013

^ The day before the week begins ^

How do you prepare yourself for yet another week of life? 
The day before your alarm clock rings and the realness of the city starts seeping into your blood and beneath you eyes.

My life has taught me not to see plans as the future but more as a guide. You can never expect what's going to happen and that is both amazing and scary.

Hopefully your week will be one filled with good and bad moments all of which you can learn from and grow.

Here are some thing I think about day to day.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

∆∆ The morning ∆∆

They sat and talked for hours
Their feet rested on a table where moments had melted and left a dark stain to remind others of what could happen
The wax was soft and warm,
the people too.
Look around. Check the walls and ceiling as you would the space under your finger nails.
You have no place to go but the place you have been. That place is in the future.
There's not much to be said really, it's just about appreciating the little things.
It's not about talking anymore, it's about speaking in a different language that is louder than words; in breath and in looks.
Don't be fooled, danger isn't real. It's only when you doubt yourself that the enemies appear.
Let what comes out, come
and what goes, go.

It's time to recognize this. For what it is, for what it wants to be.
It's time to see the colours out of the space between your ears.

No time to be confused, only energy to feel.
Be fair to yourself.
You deserve it.

A sweet night

Last night was a classic Montreal experience with loud music, dancing bodies, loft party, shirtless people and everything in between.

There were 4 parties happening in the same giant building and one of the rooms was playing swing and old time disney cartoons playing on a giant projection screen all night. Was so awesome.

I wanted to draw so I asked someone for a pen and paper.

This is what came out.

"Having spent most of his time searching
He fell into a place he could never find
A home that was built long before people needed a place to rest their head/
A place that was open to the sky
like the way it was meant
No meaning. No words. No way of documenting it.
Only a feeling.
A moment.
A glimpse of truth that could only be described as one thing,
Human "

I have no clue where this story came from, but the person who kept the book seemed to enjoy it.
Letting things flow out of your creative voice is different than speaking from your mouth. Having the right space with the right people and the right sounds, lights and atmosphere can make you say and do things that you never thought possible. Things that speak to people in their blood and not their ears.


Friday, June 28, 2013

∆ Friday ∆

There's too much that could be said 
But most times I stay silent.
When the sheets are pulled up over my face at night,
My thoughts are a jagged pillow that drowns out what little comfort I may have.

Avoiding the obstacles that feel too close.
Making a house out of what little I have. 
And hoping it withstands the hurricane of brutal judgement that comes from the onlookers. 

I don't see you, 
because you refuse to try to see me.

I don't hear you,
because my words are as empty as your eyes.

If you think my ears are worth your time, 
you need to let me hear your heart beat.
If you feel my hands are worth touching your moments,
you must let go of who you think you are.

The light will never cast a different shadow of your body,
And when you walk at night, I follow the dark outline hoping that our shadows will overlap 
create truth

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I love on the internet

A little diddy behind Green Light Gallery

The lovely folks at Green Light Gallery hooked me up with a spot behind their store and so I made a giant robot face.
Go check'em out at at 3878 St-Laurent

Photo courtesy of Nitrography 

#9 Graffiti Artist in Montreal- CULT MTL Poll

I had no idea but apparently, the people on Montreal Voted and I am #9 top graffiti writer in Montreal. Such a surprise but so awesome. Thanks everyone who voted for me.
Check out the full list of Best Of Montreal at 

Face/Ad/Blog Coverage of Mural Festival Montreal

Anne-Marie from Face/Ad/Blog came on my walking tour with Sarah Girard and took this awesome photo and wrote a really great recap of the event. Check it out here->

Show some love on FB as well

Interview with Curious MTL

I did an interview with a lovely woman named Isabel in an alley way during my last mural. We drank a beer and chatted about my work and I told here about some of my favorite spots in Montreal.

Check out the full interview here->

You should Like their FB page too. They post interviews of all sort of cool people doing cool things in Montreal.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Savage emotions are not found in the forest
They're found in a dark space between my heart and our hands

It's strange that the only comfort I find is in the dark cracks where what I love can not be seen
I take my shadows for a walk at night only to realize that they've gone to sleep

When I find the path I have, I'll be sure to lay lights by the sides for others to come with me
I don't think it's fair to keep this secret for myself

My feet don't touch the ground when they step. They walk softly, smoothly, but with force.
Don't you see? I have the life you have. I have the power you have. I have the grace that comes with fear and vulnerability.

Cut me a piece of your time and I'll save it for the moment most desired.
Feel the strength that comes from breathing my words
Because honestly, I need to know my mind is still okay
And that I can still live amongst the masses.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is what happens if you give me a 70 foot wall

Here is my sad attempt at stitching together photos of this giant wall
Painted this whole thing in 3 days
In Montreal

What's next? Let's go bigger.
Gimme more.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hosts:Cam Novak + Sarah Girard
Début/Start: Corner/Coin St-Laurent et Mount Royal

Joignez-vous à nous pour un tour guidé incorporant la découverte des artistes participant, l’histoire de l’art public et la riche culture du boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Join us on a guided tour along the Boulevard St-Laurent to discover the artists involved in the festival, local street art and about the area’s rich cultural history

Vendredi/Friday : 4:00pm only
Samedi/Saturday : 2:00pm & 4:00pm
Dimanche/Sunday : 2:00pm & 4:00pm

*Contribution de 10$ suggérée :-)
*10$ Pay what you can :-)


Join local street artist and urban cycling expert Cam Novak on a leisurely bike tour and discover some of Montreal's best street art and graffiti.

The tour starts at 2pm SHARP and is first come first serve so be sure to show up 15-20 minutes early to guarantee your spot. If there is a high demand, more tours will be planned and announced on this page and via the MURALpage

*Bike not included

*Price: 10$ /pay what you can

Tour de vélo pour découvrir le meilleur de l’art urbain et du graffiti sur l’île de Montréal en compagnie de l’artiste urbain et cycliste Cam Novak. Contribution volontaire

Le tour guidé débute à 14h et c'est premier arrivé premier servi! Présentez vous 15-20 minutes à l'avance pour être certain d'avoir votre place. S'il y a une forte demande, plusieurs autres tours seront organisés et annoncés sur cette page ou via la page Facebook de MURAL.

*Vélo non fourni
*Prix:10$ Suggéré

FB Event Page-