Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shapes in Existence

I'd love to tell you what it says but I can't read it myself.
The presence of an experience that has yet to happen.
Those feelings that exist out of nothing.

I wish I could erase the future, and decide it myself.
But you must let yourself be overtaken by time.
Time doesn't decide anything other than time.
Moments decide life.
Moments are not created, they are observed.

To expose the art or the creation of something is to see truth.
The vulnerable, clear, undeniable truth of the things that exist in true reality.

I can't help but feel the rage of those who can not see truth.
Those who live blindly and try to face things with their flesh and not their soul.

Observe the faces that lie beneath the masks.

True art is the articulation of the heart.
True heart is the articulation of life.
True life is the articulation of love.


Finding solace in decisions made and searching for symmetry amongst shapes that have no reflection.

Grab it but don't squeeze it.
Hold it, but allow it to breath.
Taste it, but don't eat it all.

Things will happen as they should.
This is the reality we all live in.

Illustrations and Writing by Cam Novak

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Look within and you will find others.
Look to others and you will find yourself.
The significance of now is in its existence-
Finding the truth of a moment is finding the moment itself.
There is never more than now and now can never be then or there.
Turn to yourself and ignore the clock.

Time is a creation,
Time is a distraction,
Time is a manipulation.

Counting minutes closes your heart to the purpose.
Rather than chase time, chase purpose.
Live purposefully.
Full of purpose.
Full of love.

Create an environment for truth and allow it to expose itself.
Create vulnerability to culture beauty.
Open minds, open hearts.
Open and towards the true north.
The non-manufactured north that lives in true reality.
We all live in it.

Some are in it more than others,
but no one lives outside of it.

To love in the true reality,
In truth there is love.
It is not manufactured.
It is discovered. It exists for it to be found in space and time.
No one can move it.

To ignore it,
is ignorant.

Its strength is in its fragility.
To touch it is to fall for its games.

Its all just games.
Experiences are unique but not alone.
You may allow an experience to ruin your perspective or you may let it in.
Let it guide you.
Guide you to another experience.

Let it take your hand.
Let it lead you .
For in that space you have no control.
Your physical form holds no more strength than a feather in the wind.
Let go and hold tight.

Let yourself be overcome by the fragility and the now.
Now will bring you to where you need to go.
You will not get lost for there are no hiding places.
There is no space in the endless, limitless space of now.
Feeling creation in now,
Ignore the destruction.
Finding rather than falling.
Caring rather than hating.

Your soul is pure if you allow it to take the space that it was given.
To take another space is not possible.

No need to fight
No need to move
Just be in the now.

Illustration and Writing by Cam Novak

Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 30th- Closing Party @ Citizen Vintage

Come by for the closing party happening on October 30th from 6pm to 9pm
Address: 5330 St Laurent

Free beer
Live music by "Your Best Friend John Jacob" - THERE WILL BE DANCING

It's been an incredibly fun month hanging out with the crew at Citizen Vintage and we are going out with a bang.
I've spent every Wednesday, working on giant paintings in the windows and even painted the windows themselves.
Overall, I think it turned out really great. Now it's time to celebrate and enjoy some beer and maybe dance a bit.
I have 10 ink drawings for sale for $50 each and a few of my map drawings for $200.

 Facebook Event 

For the first time ever I painted designs on some vintage denim jackets. 
For $120 you can own one of these suckers. Be quick though cause they will go fast.

Many Many Drawings for Sale

Fun Panarama
Instagram Photos by @citizenvintage

Check out Citizen's website for all kinds of awesome vintage clothing-

Inspiration Factory #1

I'm always blown away by how creative people are. Never do I ever doubt the mind's capabilities.

Illustration (The Finest Occupation) from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.


The City Never Sleeps @ Hall of Fame from Achim Kern on Vimeo.

Ørestad Street Art Competition from ArtRebels on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The River

If poetry had symetry with the things I feel , then much of this would be easier.
Instead i'm feeling the trails of a train that I am not conducting.
I am trying to find the current of the river I lived.
I am silent.

Writing by Cam Novak
Illustration by Cam Novak

Putting in some work
More here

The Process

Illustrations by Cam Novak

Monday, October 8, 2012

True North

Through you I saw stars shinning at daytime.
I wish I could close your eyes and make you see how it feels inside.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Back?

It's been two years since I've last posted and I don't really know why I've decided to open this blog again. Part of me feels like I've found a voice that I am comfortable with and would like to share and part of me feels a sort of obligation to the past me. Much of my earlier writing is about trying to get inspired, about going out and giving my all and although I speak it, I have failed to document where this insane drive comes from. Do people care? I don't know. All I know is my own personal experience and how I've grown over the years. I look over what I've accomplished and I constantly think of why things happened and how things will happen in the future. I've recognized patterns and I think that some of them work. I've just closed my company and it never felt so right. I am proud of the years I spent on the road but there are certain moments in your life where you feel like, "Ya, this is it. This is what I should be doing."
I've been doing art for many many years and throughout my time running Cycle-Bird, I ignored the desire to create images because I didn't see the role it could play in society. I was always asking myself, "What could I possibly create that would excel us as humans and contribute to the creative world." I had no answers so I gave up. Instead I got on my bike no matter the weather, strapped packages to my back and hustled as hard as I could to make sure the gears of the businesses I served kept turning. Did I think it would bring me to this moment? No way. I thought I'd grow into the biggest courier company in the city and have the whole business world turned onto it's head about how transportation REALLY should be done. I thought that I would be dispatching giant cargo bikes riding from Point-Claire to downtown with boxes and packages for some of the biggest companies on the island. That was my dream.

So did I fail? You might ask yourself, why would you even ponder that question. What does failure have to do with this? Well, if you are an overachiever, you will know the feeling. The feeling of creating a goal that is completely unattainable and then fighting for it really hard and then doing pretty darn good but completely ignoring any drop of success. This is what drives me. The idea that I will never be good enough so I better just keep fighting cause otherwise I would just dig a pit to crawl into and live off of the little bugs that scurry past me. I am no good unless I am the best. Screwed up right?

I know, it's screwed up but it's all I know. It's all I've ever been. It's all I ever will be. I kind of wish OVERACHIEVER could be a knuckle tattoo because I feel like it is one part of my identity that wont change. So let me just bring it back to the main point here which is why I am blogging again. I am blogging to help inspire others. I want to help people who maybe need a little kick in the ass to go out there and do what they feel in their heart. To not follow the flow of the unnatural sewage river that is city life, but to expand and reach out to what is real. What we really should be doing here as we inhabit the space we were given. Consider this just a brain fart to get the juices flowing and stay tuned for writings, photos and probably some ridiculous writings about how I see the world. It will most likely be a weekly thing but maybe more, maybe less.
We shall see my friends, we shall see.