Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shapes, Spray paint and birds

Some new canvases I polished off for a coffee shop.
For sale, email me to inquire about the price-

Size: 5 feet by 3 feet

Size: 6 feet by 4 feet

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Energy Catchers/ Chaos Stars

Anarchy and chaos is how I've viewed my most recent interactions with people.
So much of what I've seen and heard doesn't make sense and I'ves struggled to find order in the madness that is human life.
But maybe that's the point.
Maybe it's not meant to be understood, it's only meant to be lived
To understand something as complex as nature and human-ness and to try to categorize it in a way that brings comfort seems disrespectful to the beauty an nuance of moments.
Since I can't seem to find order in my mind, I've attempted to find order on canvas.

In these paintings, I've tried to capture what my eye sees 
I've tried to feel, with all my heart and hands, the pain, the happiness and everything in between, and lay paint in the hopes that it will make me feel a bit safer
The chaos of the lines overlapping creates an image but also allows the line to exist on it's own.
The strength of the structure is in the mayhem.
The beauty is in it's disorder.
The relief is it's containment.

In all my art, I'd like to create a sense of comfort.
Not with safety, but with openness.
From exposing something that is present and shinning a light in a direction that feels true.
With truth comes direction,
With direction comes purpose,
With purpose comes power.
The power of now.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Have a Breath

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I hope one day to understand the openness
To understand the honesty
To understand the hope that comes from talking with my mouth and heart open

I wish one day to feel at home without feeling at risk
To feel like I can rest and not be attacked for my slow breathing

It's not only about the feelings, it's also about the results
It's about the thoughts and flavours of the wind

You are not seen just because someone stands next to you
You are not alive just because you stand next to someone
You are not open just because your hands face the sky

There is no resting place for the mind that has legs
There is only ground to run on and mountains to jump over

You are not my creation
I can not destroy you

-Cam Novak

Friday, April 12, 2013


Feel the grit of your teeth.
Touch it as you bring your tongue into your mouth after licking your lips.
Let the spit moisten the tiny hairs above your lip and wipe it off only partially.
The light will strike you in such a way as to strike me.
You've not existed like this for very long, yet it is my memory of you.
It is you, and you are my thoughts and not the flesh you own

I've had thoughts about you , you know? I think about if you think about me.
I breath out thinking you're doing the same and if you're reflecting on the sheets we've warmed and the sky's we've looked at
It's a dagger in my mind but i feel like it's your mind, our mind.
The space in between our minds is like the waves hitting the rocks
You've become my launch pad and my cement shoes

Has the time gone or have you?
Are you a fleeting memory or constant reminder?
The resolve is not your face, it's your smile.
Has there been water in your heart? Let it drown me, let it quench my thirst.

Sometimes it's you and sometimes it's me but it always was us.
For me anyways....