Monday, September 7, 2009

Accident: Story part 1

August 20 was the date of the event. I was heading northbound on Acadie BLVD and I approached Jarry. I was going approxamitly 25-30 KM/hr. It was 8:30 am and i was on my way to Laval for a 35$ call. The sun was shinning, my insides felt great. I was totally in the zone and ready to take on the day.
As I approached the intersection, i saw a clear path. Everything was completely still so i proceeded to go through. About 5 feet (give or take) after the large white bar indicating where to stop, a car (southbound) began a left turn. I noticed this and immediately read the body language of the SUV. It seemed that he had noticed me and was going to wait for me go through to the other side. I continued full tilt increasing my speed to not hold him up. He noticed me and proceeded to finish his turn in a very half assed manner. He stopped right in my path. He seemed to have changed his mind. I thought to myself, in a split second while hurtling towards mister "Honda SUV", " Oh shit, this is going to suck."
I collided. I first felt the crunch of my front rack against the rear passenger door. The weight of my body crumpled the integrity of the door. I turned my body to the right and pushed the left side of my body against the upper part of the door. My head wiped like pennies in a sock and hit the window. I heard the "clunk" of the helmet against the plastified window. Now began my trip down. My feet clipped out while i was colliding with the vehicle so my bike was now a separate entity than me. I put my right hand out to stop myself but it quickly buckled under my weight. I fell on my back firmly while once again throwing my head back , but now against the concrete street. As soon as all parts of my body hit the ground i immediately ross into a sitting position with my legs bent with my arms draped over my knees. I felt alright. In shock, but alright. I said to myself "Oh shit, that sucked." I herd my U-lock, which had been neatly in my back pocket, slide across the intersection hitting the cement median.

The man in the Honda Suv got out and came to where i was positioned. " Why were you going so fast!? You were going way too fast!? Look at my car!"
I said in a very stern loud voice "Fuck you, give me one second you fuck! I just ran into the side of your car. Fuck!"
A cyclist came to my aid and asked if I was alright. I thought i was. I felt fine. I stood up, walked my bike over to a cement block at the gas station on the corner then sat down. I looked at my hand and saw what seemed like an orange implanted under my skin. My hand was swollen, Everything wasn't alright. People began to gather and give their opinions. The shock began to set in. I felt scared and sweaty. Then, all of a sudden, as if a switch was turned, i felt my whole body throbbing with pain. My shoulder ached and stabbed like nothing I had ever felt. I was definitly not okay. It became clear to me that an ambulance should be called. I first called, Mat, then Paul, Christina, then my clients to tell them that I was on my way to a hospital. I then called an ambulance.

Cam- "Yes, Hi, i just got into an accident. Im on a bike and i collided with a vehicle."
911- "Okay where are you?"
C-"Acadie and Jarry."
911-"Sir an ambulance is on its way, can you tell me what your injuries are?'
c-" My shoulder and my hand hurt, i'm swelling up."
911" Was anyone in the car Hurt? Was anyone thrown from the vehicle?"
C-" No, lady. I'm on a bike, and i collided with an SUV."
911-"Okay, sir, is there any liquids leaking from the Vehicle?"
C-"No, lady, for fuck sakes, i'm a cyclist and i hit a car! Do you not understand that?!"
911-Okay so police and ambulance will there shortly, meanwhile stay seated and don't move your neck."
C-"Thank you, i apologize for snapping but for christ's sake, you should understand the situation."

Part 2 soon


  1. ''please sir, try to stay calm! focus on the essentials! now, could you PLEASE describe as accurately as you can the state of the vehicle's paint job?''

  2. post part 2 please. The suspense is crushing my brain!